About Us

Atomic Solar has been supplying renewable energy solutions for customers in North Carolina since 2003.

We are committed to providing solutions that are:

Designed to fit our clients’ energy needs
  • Whether your goal is to lower your costs or to be self sufficient and independent, or both, we work with clients to find solutions and technology
  • We work with you so that you understand and are comfortable with the solution
Economically sound
  • We help you understand the tax advantages through the use of North Carolina and federal tax credits
  • We work with clients to understand the cost advantages and take the mystery out of the process.
  • We work to set educated expectations
  • Financing is available for many of our products
Use quality products and provide a superior warranty
  • We buy products from the best suppliers with proven track records
  • We provide a two year workmanship warranty in addition to the supplier product warranties