Solar Skylights

Tired of fumbling in the hallway to find the light switch? Do you often find you’re wearing one black sock and one blue sock? Let’s face it, not every space in the home is optimally illuminated. But as electricity costs continue to climb, many of us might suffer in the dark to save some money.


A better idea is to harness the natural light of the sun. In addition to being free, sunlight is psychologically and physiologically better for us. Sunlightoffers the full visible spectrum of light which reduces eye strain, helps us to see better, makes our belongings look their true color and helps us, our pets and even plants to synthesize nutrients for healthier living.

For about the cost of a nice light fixture, we can bring the soft natural light of the sun into virtually any space in your home.Installed on any roof surface in under two hours, you will quickly realize the cost benefits of a tubular skylightover incandescent and even traditional skylights. In addition to the free daytime operating cost, solar skylights do not contribute to heat loss or gain, unlike standard framed-in skylights. And did you know that electric lights can add 40% of the average heat gain in a home? As a bonus, Natural Light tubular skylights often qualify for local tax credits as an energy conservation device.